Financial Planning

Your ducks are not in a row? You may have squirrels, and they are everywhere? You might know where you are and where you want to be financially, but how do you get there?

The fact is one approach does not fit everybody – you need a personally tailored portfolio and financial plan to reflect your specific concerns, goals, and risk tolerance. Through the coordination of our refined processes, we provide the tools and expertise necessary to organize, analyze and implement your unique financial plan with confidence. Regular reviews as part of our Update Service keep you focused on your plan and allow for fine-tuning when needed.

Investment Management

Maybe you do not need extensive financial planning, or maybe you are just starting out. Get an investment plan with recommendations researched by our Certified Financial Planners and tailored to your unique risk tolerance. More than just advise, we make sure you stay on track with your investment plan with regular reviews as part of our Update Service.

401(k) Management

One of the biggest challenges of owning your own business is keeping track of all the moving parts.  Through our 401(k) Concierge Program we can help you. As the Registered Representative on the 401(k) Plan, we represent the 401(k) Trustees and the employees, not the investment issuer. Our 401(k) Concierge Program is designed to keep a watchful eye on the investment performance in the plan, assist the trustees in fulfilling all of their duties, and manage the continuing education for participants through our Participant Workshops.

Retirement Transitions

When it comes to the idea of retirement, many people find themselves asking, “Do I have enough saved up? Will I be able to travel? Will I be able to pass something on to my heirs?” Others simply may be paralyzed. With a Retirement Analysis there is no need to question if you are ready to retire.

We will methodically organize your various sources of income, clearly and precisely document all current and known future expenses, and analyze your readiness for retirement.  Our CFP®s will then develop a personalized plan to meet your retirement goals. Your retirement process can often be a moving target, we include checkups in conjunction with our Update Service to ensure you are ready.

Saving for College

College is expensive and saving for it can seem like a monumental task. Let’s take one bite of the elephant at a time. As part of our Financial Planning and Investment Management services we can help you set up an account to start saving today!

Life Insurance

The world is full of mysteries – The Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge, life insurance…

We identify your current life insurance needs and ensure you are properly covered for your unique life circumstances. We will collect, organize, and analyze your current life insurance policies, checking for suitability. If you are over insured, we will help to identify policies you no longer need. If you are under insured, we can recommend coverage that is appropriate for your situation and help with the application process.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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