Our main focus at Insight Financial Advisors is helping you reach your goals. Whether your goal be to reach financial independence, to have a comfortable retirement, or to simply reduce financial stress now. Our goal is that you reach your goal; let’s get there, together.

Through the coordination of refined processes such as our CC Update System, Ax1 Account Consolidation Process, and R2R Method we provide the tools necessary to organize, analyze and successfully implement your unique financial plan. 

Ax1 Account Consolidation Process

In our experience people who pay attention to their money tend to have more of it, and it’s no secret that it’s easier to keep track of things when they are all in the same place. That’s why we have developed our Ax1 Account Consolidation Process!

Our Ax1 Process is designed to truncate your various accounts into as few accounts as possible. Combine with CIR Statements comprehensive performance reporting, you will be able to easily review your investments, increasing the likelihood that you will, in fact, pay attention to your money.

And don’t worry, our CC Update System will help encourage your attention should you need extra motivation.

CC Update System

You wouldn’t go hunting for buried treasure without checking the map a few times along the way, and the same can be said about your investment goals. It is important to Constantly Check to ensure you are on the right path and to Constantly Correct your course to align with your goal. That’s why we have developed our CC Update System.

Depending on your unique needs we will meet 1 – 4 times per year to review account performance, contribution or distribution patterns, market activity, and to address new or future planning needs such as retirement analysis and planning (learn about our R2R Method), executive compensation analysis and planning, tax planning, estate planning, business planning, employee benefit plans and rollovers, college planning, debt management, family gifting, life insurance contract analysis and needs assessment (learn about our LifeAssure Process), plus so much more.

R2R Method

When it comes to the idea of retirement, many clients find themselves asking, “Do I have enough saved up? Will I be able to travel? Will I be able to pass something on to my heirs?” Other’s simply don’t want to know. With the R2R Method there is no need to question if you are Ready 2 Retire.

The R2R Method will organize your various sources of income, clearly and precisely document all current and known future expenses, and analyze your readiness for retirement.  Our CFP®s will then develop a personalized plan to meet your retirement goals. As retirement can often be a moving target, the R2R Method includes checkups in conjunction with our CC Update System to ensure you are Ready 2 Retire.

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