Client Reports

Update Meeting Reports

Access to online Performance Reporting is included in our CC Update System! Log in to the CIR Statements website to download your Performance Report in preparation for telephone Update Meetings, or any time you wish to check up on your account(s).
Click here to request online access.

*Important note: Despite the word “Statement” in the name of this website, it does not provide account statements. Please visit NetXInvestor to access Pershing account documents or contact your account custodian. Performance Reports should never be used in place of an Account Statement.

Statements/Tax Documents

Log in to the NetX Investor website to access and download your Pershing LLC account documents. The documents available on this website include: Statements, Trade Confirmations, Notifications, Prospectuses, Proxies, and Tax Documents.
Click here to request online access.

*Important note: This website will provide access for accounts held at Pershing LLC only. If your account is held directly at a fund company (such as American Funds, Franklin Templeton, Oppenheim, etc.) please contact the fund company directly to inquire about electronic delivery of documents.

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